Frequently Asked Questions

The architectural approval form is required when there is a change being considered for the exterior of your property. This includes but is not limited to Paint colors, replacing roofing materials, putting up or replacing fences.

The dues cover the cost of trash pickup, maintenance of common areas, supplies for association events, and other required operating costs.

Yes you are. We negotiate group rates for services and must guarantee a certain number of lots.

Sure! All residents are welcome to attend regular board meetings.

The board meetings are held every other month normally at 7PM. Please contact a board member or check the event calendar for the date and time of the next meeting.

All property owners are allowed to run for a position on the board. The elections are held yearly (normally at the March board meeting) with the terms running for two years.

All property owners are allowed to put their trash on the curb on Monday PM or Tuesday AM. The pickup routes start as early as 7 AM on Tuesday.

Yes the trash service provides recycling pickup for an additional fee. Please contact the treasurer to help with getting this started.

Yes they do. You will need to contact the waste management company listed on the links page for more information. There are also other vendors that service our area for yard waste.

There are several things to consider when putting in a new fence

  • Where can I put the fence? It is a common to look at the neighbors to see where the standard starting point for the fences are. This will help give a consistent look to your street. Please review YOUR property lines and do not let the fencing company make that decision for you. just because a neighbors fence is available please check to be sure they didn't have it moved in from their property line.
  • Do I need to contact the city? At this time there are no city guidelines on fencing. There are however guidelines and restrictions listed in the HOA Covenants that restrict the type and size of fences within your particular plat.
  • Do I need an architectural improvement form turned into the board? Yes you do. We will be able to help you with some of the details on what kind of fence is allowed in your area and even some information good or bad on contractors that have done work for other neighbors.
  • Which way does the "GOOD" side of the fence need to face? Normally the good side of the fence faces away from your property. This will give your property better curb appeal and possibly increase the value even more. You may also consider a shadowbox type of fence that is the same on both sides.
  • Am I required to do a "stake survey"? A stake survey is not required by the city or by the HOA. Be aware that if you construct a fence on a neighbors property you may be required by the city to move it back onto your property if the neighbor requests it be moved.

Yes you do. Please contact the Gladstone Animal control department for details on getting your dog licensed.

Our HOA does NOT have a pool. The pool at Shady lane and Jackson belongs to Carriage Hill Estates and is managed by their HOA. Contact information is available on their website http://carriagehillestates.org/.

The city of Gladstone requires that all in ground sprinkler systems have a properly working backflow valve that is inspected yearly.